Thursday, January 24, 2008

We are Now a One Car Family... for Now Anyway

It looks like we are not going to get the Aztek back. Chris talked to M & I Bank yesterday. We missed a whole month of payments and haven't been able to catch up. When our son was born this past July Chris was still working 70 hours a week. He was so busy adjusting to a new baby and working so much that he just forgot to make the payment. Of course I was oblivious to this as well because I was taking care of a new baby. What really bugs me is that M & I is supposed to send us a letter explaining that we are behind on our payments before they take the car away. They did not do this. Now we have two days to scramble to find a minivan with poor credit. Again I was up all night last night thinking about all of this. I am still nursing so I can't take sleeping pills. I hate it! When the baby sleeps I can't!

Time for another cup of coffee.

Another thing that kept me up last night was thinking about all of our personal belongings that are still in that car. Conan still needs to get his shots at the county on Friday. His immunization record is in the front seat. Ciara left a couple of toys in the back seat and I think there might be a sippy cup or two there as well. I don't know if Courtney left anything in the car. We have a ton of stuff in the rear hatch. There is a bag of CDs, our beach bag, a box of hand me down clothes for Ciara, a pair of boots and I can't think of what else. Chris gave M & I a call yesterday afternoon inquiring about where the vehicle is located so we can get our stuff. He had to leave a message so I hope they call back soon. We still have a key to the Aztek and a key fob so we need to return those as well.

I swear this is a never ending saga!

Hopefully things will get better. Thank you for reading my rant! Don't forget to leave a comment.

The Broke Mom

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Lian said...

Hope things will start looking better for you.

Motherwise said...

Hey Broke Mom - I tagged you with a 6 inconsequential things about yourself meme. (Rules at fun!

Anonymous said...

I could have my own broke mom blog right now. I hope you will continue to share.

Natural said...

Things will get better, but stop calling yourself broke. :) You can pull through.

The Muehli's said...

Hi. I recently found your blog on blogcatalog and just wanted to say that I hope you and your family pull through this soon. I've been down at the bottom of things a few times in my life but you just have to know that things are going to get better.
All the best!