Friday, January 18, 2008

Go Pack Go! Part 1

I can not go anywhere, talk to anyone, watch anything on television, listen to anything on the radio without some reference to the Green Bay Packers. On the news this morning they were saying that the Packers should win. When I was on my way to work I turned the radio on and they were advertising a trip to Green Bay and tickets to the game for $599.00. Once I got to my first account (I am a merchandiser). The first thing I saw was a rack of Packer shirts and Brett Favre Jerseys. Every associate in the store was decked out in Packer attire. "Green Bay Packers NFC North Champions" or "Favre 4" was written on their shirts and jerseys. I think I am going to get dizzy if I see any more green and gold! When I got home my husband started talking to me about the "Packer party" we are going to have on Sunday. We are going to eat green and gold cup cakes and drink Leinenkugels'. Yes I am going to make cup cakes with my kids and put green and gold frosting on them.

When I got home again the Packers were all over the news. "Is Brett going to return to the NFL next year?" the news anchor asked. When Brett's smiling face appeared on the screen I was so anxious to hear what he was going to say when..."Waa...waa!" my six month old baby started crying. I picked him up and quieted him down just in time to see and hear..."All new on NBC..." Awe shucks! Is he coming back? Is he? The world will never know. Now do you think that I really care?

My two year old already knows to say, "Go Pack, Go!" when my husband watching football. My son has a darling Packers stocking cap. There was also a news story about this elementary school where all the kids learned about Packers spirit. They all dressed in Packer attire and the whole school was decorated in you guessed it, green and gold. Needless to say I can not wait until Sunday is over!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. After mass my brother, his daughter and girlfriend are coming over. We are going to watch the Packers beat the Giants and drink our beer and eat our cup cakes. I would like to watch the game but I know that instead I am going to be chasing after the little ones. We asked Courtney to play with her sister during the game, but I know that is not going to happen. And Conan is going to be cranky if I don't hold him. I can't wait until Sunday is over!

Next stop Super bowl! What's after that? The Brewers?

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