Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things are Going Great and then Your Car Gets Repossesed

This has happened to us before and we got it back. I hope we can get it back this time too. I am glad I have a place to vent because we are going through a rather tough time. This blog makes me feel much better.

The Packers lost. But my husband finally got a job. He is working for just a few dollars more than minimum wage as a sales associate for GNC. He doesn't have any benefits but at least its a job. During his two week training period he is working about 20-30 hours a week. Once he is trained it will be full time. Because he doesn't have any benefits we are relying on the state for health insurance. We also qualify for food stamps and energy assistance. On the news Brian Williams was talking about "hard times." For us this is worse than hard times.

I was lying awake in my bed last night around midnight just thinking about everone I have to contact this week so we can get our assistance from the government. I hate having to rely on the governmet like that. I always feel guilty when I talk to my worker. Heck my husband and I both have college degrees! We shouldn't have to go on food stamps to feed our family! In fact he has an MBA! That is a masters degree! It frusterates me whenever I think about it. But there are just no jobs around here for people with our backgrounds. This sucks. Anyway I was lying in bed awake around midnight last night when I heard what sounded like a diesel engine outside our house and then the doorbell rang. This gentleman with long brown hair wearing greacy clothes came to the door and said, "I am here to take the Aztek." I replied, "What! At midnight!" He said he works all night long.

I was so upset! So Chris went outside and took out the carseats and some other things from the car and the guy left. We need our Aztek because that is the only car we have that our whole family will fit in. Our other car is a little neon. When we put all three kids in the back seat of the Neon my oldest can not buckle her seat belt because the two carseats are in the way. This weekend is Ciara's second birthday party at my mom and dads. We need to get the car back before this weekend or else!

Chris told me that we made a payment on it. Then I asked, "Why did they take it away from us?" I double checked our checkbook and sure enough there was a check for $200 written to M & I Bank. When I logged onto my bank account online I noticed that the check hadn't been cashed. Then I asked my husband if we owe any more than just the $200 on it. He said, "Yes we owe a total of $400." I have over $400 in my checking account so we are going to get this taken care of before Saturday!

Well I hear my daughter complaining about losing the Aztek so I better go and tell her that it is going to be alright. We will remain strong and get through this. I don't know when I will be able to update my other blog, Healthy Moms so hold tight. I will let you know when things get better. Thank you for letting me vent.

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21st Century Parenting said...

oh man... i'm so sorry to hear about this. we've also been stuggling. the job market is like HELL here as well. i'll say a prayer for you while i pray for my hubby to find a job. **hugs**